“Roux” Makes History for Literacy in Chicago as the First Gas Station in the Nation with a Purpose

On the heels of Chicago’s historic inauguration of the first African American, female mayor, Lori Lightfoot, the city makes history once again — twice in one week — with the launch of the “Roux.

The Roux is a gas station and convenience store with a purpose located on the border of West Englewood and Chicago Lawn. In a community where some students are still in elementary school at the age of 15 and will enter high school without the ability to read, the Roux seeks to help rectify the situation. It will not only offer gas, but will also offer scholarships and resourcesand will serve the community as a pipeline to literacy. Books will be available in the Roux for purchase and through donations.

Former mayor Richard M. Daley declared “Roopster Roux Day” in Chicago on September 28, 1998. Roopster Roux’s motto is, “​Reading can be as much fun as a slam dunk, ​a touchdown or a home run!” ​More than 30 cities have adopted Roopster Roux Day to promote reading and literacy since 2008.

June 5, 2019

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