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A young junior high school student who’s fate has made him the secrete defender of the town and conqueror of all things Evil.  His attitude is hip, cutting edge, but he is a total reader and lover of books both new and old. He is also a bit of a jock being the Captain of the basketball team. Although, he does all these heroic things he never gets an ego about it or feels it's all that special.  Mostly he is just happy being an outgoing young person in the town.  Overall Roopster is smart, brave, wise, and very inquisitive at his core.


Sister of Roopster who is a math whiz and beyond her elementary school standing.  Her demeanor is one of a brainy prissy nerd type even though she never looks like that in school. She too craves adventures like her brother but she is less likely to handle adventure with a positive outcome. She often tries to be the center of attention in diverse situations and she does this most of the time showing off how bright she is truly.  She loves to speak in riddles. Her showing off is often expressed  through her riddle telling and problem stumping.  However, she is still very childish and argumentative to others especially to her bother Roopster.  Daisy is caring, gifted, boastful, and often times over enthusiastic.      


The grandmother of Roopster and Daisy she is the temporary guardian of the two Roux children and successful town entrepreneur.  She runs one of the most prized bake goods shop and restaurant in the town and prides herself on her homemade products.  Even though she runs this bakeshop and restaurant she always puts family first and her grandchildren above all.  But she also knows that children must be given the chance to become adults and have the opportunity to grow and explore.  If that means making some hard mistakes then so be it, but she'll soon be there with a bag of consoling cookies afterwards.  Granny is kind, sharp, comforting, and never shy with her point of view on a given subject.       


The town hippie librarian who is the chief advisor and sometimes surrogate father to Roopster.  With his granny glasses, peace sign and laid back attitude he is truly a man in touch with the early sixties both mentality and philosophically.  He knows that the diversely talented Roopster becoming his literary student is all part of some vast deeper cosmic plan which he has now become part of. As for the rest of the town’s folk he really isn't much into them so he really doesn't interact much with them at all.  To them Figby is a bit of a mysterious person who seems like he is stuck firmly in the past and makes little sense with his old sixties sayings to most of the normal folks.  Newton Figby is cunning, insightful, aloof, and has strong deeply held convictions, which he follows.     



He is the most evil and vile citizen of Woodville and Roopster's main arch enemy. In fact, if it weren't for him the Roux Ripper would have never become supercharged in the first place.  A long time before Roopster, Tegore had it all.  He had a loving family with kids,  a successful company, and the respect of his peers.  But all that changed after a chemical fire nearly wiped out his factory.  After that he invested his life savings to rebuild, only to find out that the town had discovered a better cheaper energy source.  This caused him to remain poor and bitter.  In the Further Adventures of Roopster Roux he is even more determined to get his fortune and power back.  In addition to taking over Woodville and the world he wants revenge  on the citizens and in particular Roopster Roux.

A master in chemistry he also can create effective personal disguises as well as toxins, potions, compounds, and serums.

Tegore is commanding, highly intelligent, resourceful, and a total and complete megalomaniac.


She is the fast smooth talking very grandiose chief political figure in the town.  In truth she has always had big dreams for Woodville and wants all her citizenship involved in the town's success.  But she has to walk a fine line between making it an active thriving community and turning it into an over populated urban area.  Although Woodville is and has been attacked by evil forces its Mayor seems to be the last one to find out.  All and all, Hazel Stephens is self assured, dependable, organized, simplistic, and  over confident in her own abilities to be the Mayor.  Above all things she believes that everything will work out in the end somehow.


He is the dense dumb bully like henchman and bodyguard that works for Tegore.  The thing that he mostly provides is his muscles and labor in the vast insidious schemes Tegore creates. As a faithful assistant, he is all buff and no brains at all. Boris does crave power of his own but, is more than willing to wait till Tegore achieves his and have some smaller faction of that.  Boris is ruthless, uncaring, vain, and completely instinctual.


He is one of the best basketball players on the Woodville Vikings team, as well as being Roopster's best friend.  He got the nickname of fast from the fact that he was the quickest person in his grade when he was very young.  Even though he might not be anymore the name stuck.  Eddie is one of the only other people next to Mr. Figby that knows that Roopster is the hero of the town.  He also is privy to the Roux Ripper and all it can do.  This shows a lasting deep bonded friendship that the two boys have with each other.


Eddie will be incline to cover for his friend while he goes off to save the town from some vile villain.  Nonetheless, there is a part of him that is somewhat jealous of Roopster and all that he can do.  However, if it couldn't be himself he is glad it is Roopster.   Deep inside he knows that his best friend makes a better and more diligent hero than he would ever make.  Although, he would never openly admit that to Roopster he feels his friend knows it just the same without words.  Fast Eddie Chang is witty, loyal, generous, and a very trustworthy person.  

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